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You know those bio-link/bio-card websites? Yeah that but with more customised UI, easy to share link and nicer visuals!



I have always had a liking for websites like carrd.co, linktr.ee and bento.me. They're really good websites for creating a simple bio with attached important links, but I really dislike the not-so-customizable aspect of it and decided to hell-why-not let me make one for myself to easily share. So I bought a domain (I need recheck my financials) and started to work on the site.

I went for a neobrutalist UI style since I loved those back then, even the previous iteration of zaura.net had a neobrutalist UI. I can easily now share a a quick link if anyone wants to contact me or something!


Visit the website here: https://zochy.xyz
Visit the GitHub repo here: https://github.com/zoclhas/zochy-bio